Sarah Magida is a graduate of the University of Baltimore with an MA in Publications Design, Spring 2014.

She grew up in Baltimore City, but traveled throughout the US and abroad before finishing her BFA at MICA. There, she studied painting, installation art and fibers. She is very involved in the Baltimore artistic community, both as an active artist and an events planner.  

She is organized and curious to expand her knowledge concerning craft, accuracy and creativity. She is fond of nature, patterns, math and typography. She became interested in graphic design through explorations of the world around her. She felt that the way people view and receive information was one of the highest forms of art. Being a graphic designer is more about the art of communication presented in a new way then merely about text and image.

She has worked with government clients and very small businesses. She aims to represent creatives, non-profit creative businesses as well as maintaining a focus on the lady entrepreneur.

Her faithful cat companion, Weeble, is pictured below.
Sarah Magida Designs